NOOB Blogging question….

I’ve never worked with WordPress before, although I must say it is far more robust than blogspot ever was. As I’ve wandered around the net, checkout other SWTOR bloggers I notice many have some awesome themes and such. I know it’s not a huge thing, but really in a way It’s part of crafting the personality of a given Blog.

That being said, I’m not as savvy on techniques for setting customized themes out there. So dear fellow bloggers, any hints on how to set backgrounds and personalize the themes? I really want to add things like screenshots and customized fonts in the title line. Any and all advice is much appreciated. Thank you all!


3 responses to “NOOB Blogging question….

  1. Adding screenshots is pretty easy and is with the “add media” area of the UI. To set your banner, just use the “featured image” tool. As far as showy fonts and what not, you’ve got me there. I would imagine you need a working knowledge of HTML, which I do not have.


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