Future Wish List from BioWare

I’m sure everyone has a wish list for Bioware when it comes to SWTOR. Some are for game tweaks, others new items and places to go. I have to say that over all, the company and dev’s have done a pretty good job at giving player’s things that have been asked for. Player housing turned out to be a pretty solid introduction, modable gear was perhaps one of their best items, soon the clothing wardrobes will be released as well in the next big Xpac.

For me though , most of my wants are cosmetic in nature or immersion valued. My top three I’ll discuss today are things I hope for but aren’t going to break the game if they never come around. They are just things that I think would be really cool. As the game stands, patch day bugs aside, I really think it’s polished and gives enough for players to do in different aspects that major overhauls are pretty unnecessary. So without further adue…here are my wish I could see’s:

1: Character creation: Aging! Look we already got youth in here, and to a degree with complexion additions SOME rugged looks. But, when I see that the NPC quest givers can be aged, I have to ask myself why not us? I know the teen kids don’t want to run around looking like old folks, but it would be cool to have the wizened Jedi Master or the hardened Veteran Officer/NCO that looks like age and care have worn on them. Still Heroic, but it makes things a little more immersive. It really wouldn’t be much harder than the hair style skins they come up with (of which about 30% ..all being new ones are pretty hokey in my opinion). See for me, I’d like to take a toon, start him/her young and then let age take over. SWTOR take place over a period of at least 10 years. Believe me, 10 years can age a person ALOT during high operational tempos. So, keep the young look/middle age look, add in a 40ish look..some wrinkles but not too many and then the wizened elder look with plenty of care worn wrinkles.

2: Housing: I like what they did with player houses and the associated unlocks. The decorating hook method is simple enough once you figure out the layouts of the hooks. I understand that Bioware had to keep the decorations fairly static in nature (although I miss EQ2’s ability to literally transform an entire house into something completely different through the use of different items), so the system is simple and workable. I really thought Nar Shadaa and Tatooine were marvelous pieces. I want to see Yavin, or Makeb. Cool scenery with a different architectural focus. Granted, my Smuggler Damios primarily lives out of his starship, but it would be nice to see some new innovative scenery and new decorations/furniture to match the area and culture.

3: Starship decorations: I know, this seems a bit strange, but really it’s not. you can already add a couple of things such as a GTN and mail, why not allow for additional decorations here? I would like to see my cargo bay filled with different crates and rare treasures that I’m trying to either trade as a merchant or smuggle into places for the highest black market value. Trophies would be cool too! Finished that bad ass OP that took you numerous tries to complete? Get a trophy reward symbolic of it’s accomplish to drop on your desk or a shelf. Maybe instead of having static furniture, allow the owner of the ship to customize the furnishings etc within it. Now you can personalize that ship you spend so much time in bouncing around the galaxy. Now when you have a small group of 4 it’s worth it to travel from one location to another as a group. It would be some awesome RP opportunities fo those who enjoy RP instead of the same old stale Fleet cantina or “XYZ” cantina on any given world. Just an idea of course.

So these are my top 3 wish list pieces. The state of the game is solid and has improved significantly since it’s opening days a few years ago. The Dev’s do their best to work what bugs they can and the universe is just plain fun to play in. I would love to hear from other readers as to their perspective on what they would most want to see and why. Top three lists for 2015..GO! Till next time, may your hyperdrives never burn out and may your credits be over flowing.


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