DAY 1: For a Fist Full of Credits…BOUNTY HUNTER WEEK!


It’s that time of the month again, time to hunt down wanted people Dead or Alive! Well, dead really, lot’s of dead. Which suits me fine, credits are credits and really, I never shy from that. Besides, some of these folks are evil in a relatively speaking way. Anyways, for monthly events I love Bounty hunter week. It’s my favorite way to go revisit old turf and hunt down a fairly challenging foe. The rep grind for this is a little daunting but still, it’s a side activity to have fun with. I’ll post some screens later on tonight when I get home.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-21-2015 19-14-55

In the meantime,

Damios had no intention of going into the Bounty hunting business but he couldnt argue the credits. Besides, his latest crew member Akaavi had all the bounty hunting contacts. So, off to old Coruscant he went when a new contract had posted and his ship repairs were complete. It took a bit of time tracking down his quarry, not to mention more than a few drinks a couple of rough and tumble persuasion techniques. Finally a lead broke through, and of all places a person could hide, the dirty rotten murderer chose Old Jedi Ruins.

Getting into the ruins took a bit of blaster finesse as Imperials were crawling all over it. But once inside, the pair had plenty of maneuver room. For anyone with a gun, high ground is always your friend. Damios and Akaavi were no exception to this rule. The pair made their way up along some ancient broken columns to the high edges of the great Temple ruins. While up there and scanning around, a red gleam caught Damios’ eye. Seeing as how the target hadn’t shown, he couldn’t resist the urge to investigate. Low and behold, a very odd glowing cube like structure came into view. Red in color and with intricate designs carved in, Damios figured in the right hands, it had to be worth a ton of credits! Might as well alleviate this old artifact and find a buyer right?

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-21-2015 19-21-08

About that time, Akaavi spotted their quarry. Which to choose first? Damios wanted to make a choice, but about time he laid his hands on the artifact, Akaavi exploded into action, leaping down onto the target with cold blooded rage. DAMMIT he thought, she could have waited for just a few more seconds. Still he stuffed the artifact into his satchel and began laying down cover fire as Akaavi engaged the opponent. It took a few minutes, but before long, his first quarry lay at the team’s feet, nothing more than a smoking corpse.

Though it was a bit hair raising, the payment was well worth the trouble. Ya he would definitely be taking on more contracts soon.

Ok friends, I gotta say I always get a kick out of Bountyhunter Week. coupled with the last day or so of x2 xp and it makes for an over all entertaining experience. The targets so far are pretty challenging, though that could be due to level or something, I dunno.  Still, it is a fun diversion.

What are your thoughts on the monthly event? Likes, dislikes and reasons for both are most welcome!


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