DAY 2: A Fist Full of Credits…Bounty Hunter Week

(CAVEAT: For those reading early, I usually post my screen shots in the evening when I get home)

With Coruscant finished, it was time I set my sights on a new target. Well, wouldn’t ya know, my old stomping grounds on Nar Shaddaa came up on the list. Now, I love Nar Shaddaa. Sex, Gambling, drugs, unrepentant violence, yup I’m at home there. Anyways, this trip took me all over the place, but the favorite part was hitting up Club Vertica. That gorgeous giant casino that no one ever goes to unless there is an event. Now, club Vertica is really a pretty huge area to cover as far as casinos go and you have to take a hover taxi to get there. But once there, it’s a pretty incredible place. Too bad it doesn’t get used nearly enough. What surprised me is so few people from the RP community bother with it. I mean I know plenty go to the Slippery slopes, but in my mind, that’s a pretty bland cantina. Now, on the Jung Ma server, Slippery Slopes gets a lot of action because it’s neutral ground, so both Imperial and Republic can rub shoulders…your cut each other to pieces in duels. Pretty cool mechanism if you ask me. I wish Vertica was the same way.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-22-2015 16-29-59

Anyways, Nar Shaddaa made perfect sense to go hunt down a bounty. Now in this case, it ended up being a rivalry between casino operators. One had more money to take out the other “less civil” owner. Who am I to pass up on a deal like that? I’m telling you now, EVERYONE on Nar Shaddaa is dirty in one way or another, so it didn’t bother me that this was more an assassination than justice. So the hunt began, and let me tell ya, all those shady bastards at Club Vertica just had no intention of talking. Very closed mouthed lot. They ended up dead for thier troubles. No skin off my back, I was perfectly willing to share drinks and polite conversation.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-22-2015 16-43-50

But I found out the target got a little jumpy and was hiding out down in the Red Light District. No surprise there. It’s a good place to disappear when you need to. Still, you can hide all you want, but unless you system hop a lot, some one will give you up. Now, this target wasn’t an easy kill. Matter of fact, he and his cronies were pretty hard to handle.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-22-2015 16-54-43

Lost an eye out of that mess from a knife gouge. Sure, Kolto tanks healed the damage, but not the sight. Thankfully, the underworld can be your best friend for a price. And though my profits were cut a bit, I got a cybernetic patch to cover the worst of the damage. Regular sight is still gone in that eye, but that’s ok. See, now I can use it for low light and infra-red requirements. Not to mention it does have a decent targeting system. Can’t say I’m as pretty as I was, but my indelible charm wipes away those nasty little scars.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-23-2015 16-15-33

Ok, so bottom line when I was turning in my bounty contract at the Bazaar on Fleet, I ran across a vendor that gave me a modable head-piece that looks like a cybernetic eye patch. I couldn’t resist! I think it was faction gear with the contraband stuff, not sure but it was way cool for an added touch that I don’t see most people do. Now I did switch my scars from the right side to the left, which cost me about 40 Cartel Coins, but I liked the result and it gave flavor to my character for immersion. So, what sort of things do you do to add that individuality to your toons? You don’t have to be an RPer, but what makes your character come alive for you and make you keep wanting to return to it?


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