Day 4 Fist Full of Credits…BHW Alderaan

I had a really long post written up and well the whole post disappeared. I almost screamed and then remembered I’m still a bit hung over from last night’s festivities.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-24-2015 17-32-34

My contact succumbed to my obvious charm

I took down a target on Alderaan and in the process found yet another nearby located Holocron. Took me a hot minute to figure out how to get up the rocks and it finally required me to find a local thranta to fly up the the nest where it was hiding. Got me my new holocron and then hunted down my target.



Star Wars The Old Republic-04-24-2015 18-16-29

Took a bit, but I got that Holocron!

I have to say I was pretty rip roaring drunk last night. The Irish Whiskey got the best of me and I spent all day recovering from my near legendary escapades. I do hope this weekend brings everyone a bit of fun and joy out there. Till next time, I’ll see ya on the high ground. (Stumbles back into a corner still nursing the hangover and quieting the evil light sabers clashing in his skull)….



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