Double Crossed and Sold Out on Corellia…

Personal Log; Cpt. Damios Blackthorne:
You know, one think I hate is a card cheat. But I hate something worse…SELL OUTS! Look, in my line of work, you don’t completely trust anyone. Now even I believe there is some honor amongst thieves. Oh, expect to be cheated, but framed, set up to take a fall..not to mention a bunch of blasters aimed in my general direction? Nope, I can’t forgive that. At first I couldn’t believe the holo recording of BOTH Darmas and Dodonna conspiring against me. Now Darmas I never fully trusted. Dodonna though…I thought we had shared something special. Ok, I’m a sucker for a pretty smile and I never saw it coming. But she is just as much of a political snake in the grass as any I’ve ever known. I gotta give her credit, she had me pegged well in advance.Star Wars The Old Republic-04-25-2015 3-07-33

Now I may have been knocked on my heels over this one, but it doesn’t take me long to jump back up into the gun fight. To be sure, this one I came with both guns blazing. And yes, I left quite a few corpses on the way. I don’t really hate the Imperials, but they get in my way. When that happens, they get smoked without a second thought. In the end, I got ahold of Darmas and we had a little conversation that went like this..AFTER he took a couple of blaster bolts.

“Seems like you played your hand well again Captain, perhaps we can make a deal”

After everything this rat faced bastard put me through…really?

“Nah Darmas, I don’t think so. You don’t have any cards I want.”Star Wars The Old Republic-04-29-2015 7-18-19

“Ah but Captain, I have the entire Dossier on Dodonna’s recruitment and complicity, how bout I give that and you give me a five-minute head start?”

Darmas was crafty, but he always tipped his hand too early in Sabbac, now was no different…

“Or…how about this, you give me that dossier, and I don’t put both these barrels to your head and blow it clean off. What do think Darmas, my terms are sweeter..AREN’T THEY?

I got my dossier, and he got a one way trip to Belsavius. Perhaps he could work on his card playing there in solitary confinement. But now what to do with Dodonna. I really should kill her. She set me up and made it sound like I was a complete idiot. Well, maybe she was a little right…never mind. I’d deal with her soon enough. In the meantime, I figured I’d help out a bit more here on Corellia to repair my damaged reputation. The place is a complete war zone. Now, the profiteering side of me could make a killing in arms and tech sales. If I didn’t have such a cloud of mistrust over me, that would be the first thing I’d do here. But, it was time to invest in reputation, not wealth.

Corellia certainly had the opportunity. House to house fighting, bolts blazing on every street corner and nothing safe. Ya, I have my work cut out for me here.


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