Patch 3.2aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Lag Spike) Blues

Ok minor rant, it was a patch day to fix a few things today. 3.2a…..Grrrrr

Anyways as with any patch with fixes, more problems arise. This isn’t indicative of Bio Ware, it happens with almost every MMO I’ve ever played. Mostly it was seriously bad server lag. Normally when I encounter this, I flush the DNS, reset my modem and in general trouble shoot. I have a feeling though, based on ALL of my guild members having the same problem of serious lag spikes. Oh well, I figure in a couple of days it will clear up back to normal, at least I hope so. So, after trying to play with random disconnects and lag spikes I finally threw in the towel. I want to make it clear I’m not mad at Bio Ware, just something that has to be dealt with. In the meantime, I chose to work out of Makeb and got my entire Mods upgraded to (140) which has allowed me to lay waste to everything I see. The story-line isn’t too bad and I’ll probably spin something up by Friday. If you dear readers have been luckier than I this evening, I applaud you and hope your evening was fun filled. For me, I’ll settle down to a movie before bed and hope that by tomorrow everything is cleared up when I get off of work. Take care all!Star Wars The Old Republic-04-29-2015 22-56-44


3 responses to “Patch 3.2aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Lag Spike) Blues

    • hahahah yes sometimes it’s a love hate relationship but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying my game. I checked in this morning before I went to work with my morning coffee and it appears as though the issue has been resolved. Of course tonight during prime time may prove to be the real test. Time will tell and as I enjoy my Friday beer, I’ll know the truth of it lol.

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  1. Gah! I could go on for days about lag spikes right after a patch and you have to tolerate it until the next week for a hotfix, unless it’s so bad they do emergency maintenance. Recently we’ve noticed a huge issues with internet routing for FFXIV players on the East Coast. My husband and I both had to download a program that helped us reroute our internet through closer places before going to Montreal, Canada where the FFXIV NA servers are. I know it’s not the same as game coding induced lag, but it was just as much troubleshooting. Hope it starts to get better soon!
    Cheers ❤

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