When the Blaster hits the Bone

So for the last few days I’ve been having fun on the Imperial side as an Agent/Sniper. The class itself is the same as smuggler/gunslinger in mechanics just with a rifle instead of twin pistols. The storyline is bar none the absolute best in the entire game, especially when playing double agent. I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t gone through it, but I still watch the entire cut scene series and interact with much vigor every hour of play. Believe me, it got personal! I don’t think I’ve cursed out so many pixilated adversaries in my entire life. But that’s what I loved about the story. I totally got immersed into each scenario. So much fun to be had! The twists and plot turns just had me riveted and wanting to see what happens next.

So, the creation of Mharius “Cypher Agent/Sniper” happened last Thursday afternoon. I created him as a cyborg, thought the darkened round hippy shades were too cool and had a lot of fun setting him up. I spent a fair amount of credits on his outfit, but kept it pretty conservative in style (Sniper’s Jacket and Belt, Savage Leggings, Slicer’s Boots, Nefarious Bandit’s gloves). I kept the color scheme in the grey and it just felt right if you know what I mean.

As to the companions, always a challenge keeping them happy, especially Kaliyo. She’s a hard one to read as far as interacting. But, anything can be patched up with a few luxury items for her. I do recall pissing her off at least a couple of times. Nevertheless, Kaliyo has been hands down my best partner in the combat zone. Occasionally the good Dr Lokin was fun as a healer, and I did try SCORPIO (wicked awesome concept, but not nearly as resilient as Kaliyo is). Over all, Kaliyo has been correct in her arrogant phrase “Can’t live without me can you?” Ya, she’s right, I spent some credits to be sure to keep her geared up, but she handles so well when I need to stand off and take my time sniping out a target.

At any rate, I had sooo much fun on this sniper I’ll be keeping him for quite awhile. Currently he is a recruit on an Imperial guild which I have applied to. I’m still on my 2 week trial status with them as a candidate but all is going well on that end. I haven’t dropped Damios out of the picture, but I am an altiholic by nature, so I’ll be experimenting more with all of the classes.

If you haven’t done the Agent story, believe me, you got to try it, even if ranged combat isn’t your forte. The story alone will make it worth your time. Ok, That’s it for now. I’ll be checking in soon on further developments. You all have an awesome day, and thanks for dropping by.


8 responses to “When the Blaster hits the Bone

  1. Imperial Agent seems to have one of the best stories; i’m curious myself. But i read somewhere that there are many connections to other class’ stories that you’d miss if you haven’t played them before. I’d also have to look into ways to make the class gameplay fun for me- stealth and burst dps aren’t exactly my thing.

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    • Well, at the same token, Sniper does not use stealth at all. Within it’s specialties you can work for burst dps or DoTs depending upon the spec you use. The one thing a lot of people have to get used to is Sniper’s best shots are done stationary at range.


  2. I level my Agents as healers, and while Kaliyo is a passable companion I can’t wait until I get SCORPIO. She rocks. 😀

    If you haven’t already, try leveling a Sage. You’ll learn of the aftermath of what you did on Balmorra.

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    • I will eventually for sure! I think SCORPIO will be a good match for a healer. She just doesn’t hold as well on the aggro with the sniper. Geez, now you have me wondering about the whole Balmorran issue for the Sage. It is true, playing the storyline through with all the classes fits pieces of the puzzle together lol. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed coming here =)


    • Such a blast! I have some very interesting short story ideas I’m working on that involve Damios (Smuggler..) and Mharius. It’s coming soon, just working the guts of it. But yes, even after Makeb, my Sniper is such a riot to play.


  3. I enjoyed the whole agent story line, my first one is spec in sniper, dps, and the 2nd one I just did over at The Shadowlands Server was an Op, for his speciality, but yeah I enjoyed it, even wiped him from existence just to piss off Marr..

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    • awesome stuff! I’m working on a short story that sort of follows the storyline that I’ll be posting in a few days. Thank you so much for dropping by and visiting Shadowz, hope you enjoyed the posts!


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