Milestones and Thoughts

Star Wars The Old Republic-05-14-2015 22-29-13First and foremost, my Sniper Mharius hit 60 last Friday. I was pretty happy that I finally got one character to level cap. I also got to attend a Guild OP against the Ziost world Boss and Raid Boss. In itself, the fights were very fun to do. But it left me craving more and more and more like a lethal injection of heroin. For the Raid boss, we wiped the first time, but nailed him the second round. I really enjoyed the team work and our Raid lead did an excellent job at explaining what we had to do when. Once we shook the rust off, everything worked like clockwork. So, it was a huge milestone for me to knock out and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The Revan Quest line: Very fun to do. I enjoyed the interactions and the storyline. I especially enjoyed the little side quest where I get to link up with Keeper again to help out Shara. That was the coolest side quest to date. They need more of them.  Interesting side note, and I’m not sure if it was BioWare doing it on purpose or were just taking lazy shortcuts. Star Wars The Old Republic-05-16-2015 8-41-07Previously, up through Makeb, the only flirt options were through opposite genders. Yet from Revan forward, same gender flirt option exist. Now, if it was purposely done, then why not for the previous content? Did the SWTOR galaxy all of a sudden evolve to accept same gender attractions? I dunno. personally, I’m all for options for different immersion play, so it didn’t bother me in the least. It was simply a curiosity point.

Yavin Dailies: I HATE dailies. It’s repetitive and very not fun after a while.

The Ziost Quest Line: It really started well. I got to see old comrades link up again against an even more insidious evil than before. The quest mechanics for movement and getting to different points were entertaining as were the fights. Then…it died…TOO QUICKLY! It’s like they rushed through a quick story and left you feeling rode hard and put up wet. It took me less than 2 days to complete this series and I’m one for exploring and poking about and doing every quest. Then the world turns to dust and your left doing dailies that really don’t have purpose or meaning except to collect currency and turn it in. Why do I say this? The world is dead. I have no reason to go there anymore in the immersive side of the house. See, I could go back to Rishi and continue operations there. But they did this for Yavin too. Dailies should have a purpose and DEFINITELY need to be more than a damned computer relay message. That does annoy me. If I am going to have to do rep grinds, make them entertaining. Give me a reason to be there to re-grind the same damned things. Even though I don’t like the Yavin dailies, at least I know I’m there to keep Imperial/Republic cooperation going on to thwart the Emperor’s dark designs. Ziost…the Emperor won. And I get it. Sometimes the darkest days bring about the most awesome stories. But I just have no stomach to dig through the ashes of a dead planet. Hope at least it is a segue into a futher storyline for the next expansion.

Yavin Stronghold…WHERE IS IT?!?!?!?! I really wanted to see this and explore and buy.

Star Wars The Old Republic-05-16-2015 8-37-37

Ok, those are quick ramblings. Since Mharius is at 60 and in general OPs mode with our guild, I am working my army of alts. Jhexi, my Mercenary Bounty Hunter is my current leveling piece. She is a fun, wicked looking Cyborg that I plan on incorporating into a future fan fic storyline along with Mharius. Food for thought, these short expansions may bring a quick buck here or there, but they need a lot more meat and potatoes to keep long-standing players interested. I think BioWare got me addicted to their excellent storytelling, and Ziost just felt rushed, not nearly as interesting as the other pre 55 stories. It is my hope that this situation improves for their next expansion. I’d rather wait a few extra months and get quality immersion out of it than short content releases that are hap hazard and just a quick tyvm for your time. Yup, I love the game, I really enjoy raiding with my fellow guild mates. I enjoy decorating my stronghold. I love the quests I can choose from. There is so much in this game I am still exploring. Ziost though, probably not my favorite run.


4 responses to “Milestones and Thoughts

  1. The same sex flirt options were actually a change requested by players. It seems that despite their reputation, Bioware decided to play it “safe” originally by keeping all the romance options in the base game heterosexual (maybe this was recommended by EA, who knows…). However, there were huge threads on the forums where people requested the option to have same-sex flirt options, so Bioware decided to include them from Makeb onwards. (Going back to re-do all the old stuff was apparently too much work.) Of course, then Makeb got decried as “the gay planet” by certain members of the gaming press, lol… can’t please all the people all the time.

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    • Interesting. I’m surprised there was an outcry. I’d figure our society in general was a little more permissive or understanding as a whole. I am glad they did it on purpose and not out of laziness. I think it’s good to open up the genre to different orientations so to speak. I’m figuring the older content would be a coding hassle though. I don’t blame them for not updating the original pure hetero simply because the time and resources involved to change any quest that had flirt options in it would be pretty complicated. I will say however, if the choice is there, it shouldn’t be too hard for companions of same gender to get options in the romance area. You can sort of do this in your Legacy relationship links with your other characters, so I don’t see why the option isn’t there for your companions as well. It’s not a huge deal, but a curiosity. Being a little more open minded, these things don’t affect me. I think in today’s gaming culture, more diversification options should be viable. Just my 2 credits worth. Thanks for dropping in Shintar!


      • There was an outcry, but I’ve always had the feeling it was more from outside the community than from within. Fox news wrote that article about the “gay planet” (Makeb), it was kind of a thing the American anti-gay movement picked up.

        A lot of players actually said they were feeling let down by Bioware that they didn’t include any same sex options, while they had always boldly done so in the past.

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        • Ok, first…anything spouted by FOX news sucks from the get go. They are rabble rousers and pretty narrow minded with little if anything valuable to say in the realm of journalism in general. (My wife is probably going to give me evil looks now as she is far more conservative than I lol), personally, I have some conservative and some liberal views, based upon personal study and research…but enough political diatribe…

          It is interesting that Bioware was hesitant in the beginning, it could have something to do with the franchise of Star Wars and trying to cater to youngsters, parental issues ad nauseam. I think the good part in the end was at least they listened to the long time loyal players and added the option. To me this is if only I can light up a smoke while talking to people, or show up to a briefing hung over!!! My point in general though is that it’s nice that they did it on purpose and allowed for more diversity. Awesome conversation!


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