Hard Break For Day Break

Normally my posts are to do with SWTOR. But I wanted to touch on the events over the past 24 hours. Day Break Games suffered a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack yesterday and has yet to resolve the chaos that has kept all of it’s MMO franchises shut down. This has really put a crimp in those who enjoy EQ1, EQ2, Planet Side 2, H1Z1 etc. A huge community kept from enjoying a set of games as well as the company of each other over a nasty DDoS attack.

Now, I occasionally play Planet Side 2, but not enough to make me infuriated. I haven’t touched EQ2 in almost a year, so that isn’t really a hard deal. Almost all of my time is devoted to SWTOR. Why then am I writing on this? Well, it does affect my family. See, my wife loves EQ2. It’s her one real guilty pleasure in the world of video gaming. Sure, she plays with me on SWTOR but it doesn’t sing to her the way EQ2 does. And as the old saying goes, if Momma ain’t happy then ain’t nobody happy. I feel bad for her. She puts in some serious hours  into her decorating projects on EQ2. It’s honestly one of their more endearing niches in the MMO world. With the game being shut down, it’s been pretty frustrating for her. Whom ever executed the attack may have been targeting the company, but the effects they have are on the people who love the games that Day Break continues on after SOE shut down. This is disappointing in my mind. I’m not going to lay blame per se, but I have to wonder if those who perpetrated the DDoS really understand how it affects people, especially those who pay subscriptions. This sort of behavior is deplorable. On top of all of this, what about the employees of the gaming company? Lost profits will effect jobs. I mean people do have a living to make. Trying to “get at” certain people or sections of a company through this malicious attack affects a lot more lives than just the people they want to hurt.

I know some folks see those perpetrating attacks as Robin Hoods etc, but they aren’t. They hurt communties, hold people from enjoying games as well as burning sub money from consumers. Whether you agree or disagree with company policies, this kind of crap isn’t cool.

On the flip side, this is the second Major DDoS attack on the SOE Legacy (DBas of now). I’m curious as to why after the company was bought out, net security/Hardware security wasn’t upgraded. Based upon the prior attack, one would think precautions would be in place by now. It isn’t good business to let your back door open and flapping in the wind.

This also brings me to wonder if the quote “connectivity” issues on SWTOR the other day was somehow related? Of course they had the system back up and running by the time I returned home from work. I would say any major company that has online games should be reviewing thier security measures in order to protect both their IT infrastructure as well as their customer’s piece of mind. Ok, finished thoughts for the moment. Catch ya all after a bit!


4 responses to “Hard Break For Day Break

  1. The group responsible for this is going after the CEO Smedley. They have swatted him, called in a bomb threat on the plane he was on, put out all financial and personal info of not only him but his family. They have called his family members and him with threats, defaced his dad gravestone etc.

    And now of course all of us who play the Daybreak games are being caught up in this. I’m not sure what kind of enjoyment they are getting out of this but we are now on day two of this attack and not sure when it will end at this point.

    Hoping they can find some way to at least lesson the impact of these DDOS attacks, not sure if they can completely stop them. But the little turds are bragging away on their twitter feeds.

    Sad day for the Boocat…..need to right some memo’s….

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  2. Unfortunately, in a day and age when some of the supposedly most secure organizations in the world are being hacked and shut down (temporarily) there’s not much hope for a struggling game enterprise.

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    • Well, yes you are correct in that. It does take a dedicated team of net security folks to handle this. It is possible to do so, but it does take time, money and effort. The question will remains, will they invest all of that to protect their assets? Good point though Rowan.


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