Classified Document: Operative Progress

Agent: Voren’Rylo

Status: Imperial Intelligence Operative


Operative Voren shows the potential and skill to identify targets, dispatch them and complete missions as per Imperial Intelligence Directives.

Star Wars The Old Republic-09-19-2015 14-57-14Notes: Subject shows a high degree of initiative and resourcefulness. Missions are completed within a timely manner and all objectives handled with discretion. Subject also shows an extreme willfulness and disregard for Sith Authority. While a true patriot to the Empire, his motives are as of yet understood. Subject will submit to pain over bowing to the will of any person involved in Sith or Dark Council directives. Note, while useful, subject may require termination in order to maintain control over Sith requirements. Subject requires extensive surveillance in order to identify true motives for further exploitation. Pain will not bend subject’s will, be advised that other means will be necessary to ensure subject will comply with Sith plans.

Star Wars The Old Republic-09-19-2015 14-09-27So I am currently working an Operative and he is such a blast. I have a sniper (Mharius) but I wanted to work an operative as well for flexibility. What I have noticed is that the Operative is far more easier to adapt in fighting than it’s Republic Counterpart the Smuggler: Scoundrel. Now I don’t know why this is. It could just be personal style. But they seem to have a better feel in combat than the Scoundrel for me. Tell me readers, what is your opinion? Do you find that it is easier to deal with a Scoundrel or an Operative. Both have awesome PvP potential and certainly show themselves well in the PvE arena. Anyways, just my thoughts on this Saturday. Feedback would be most appreciated. But if not, do enjoy your Saturday as I am (Margaritas and Smoked Ribs lol).


4 responses to “Classified Document: Operative Progress

  1. Scoundrels and Operatives feel the same to me when I play them. I enjoy Scoundrels more though, as their skills have more variety (ie. punches, nut shots, shotguns vs. knives). I like the smuggler story better, too. While I do appreciate how complex the Agent story is, I just tend to gravitate more towards humor. The Smuggler story has a lot of that.

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    • Thanks for the input and welcome to the page! I guess in the end it is personal choice. I will say the thing I love about the Scoundrel in the snarky humor. I always get a good chuckle out of the story lines. I guess for me mechanically the agent feels easier to handle and progresses smoother. But hey, if the scoundrel works for you in variety for combat and story rock on! Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting =)


  2. I enjoy both classes immensely. The scoundrel is my first love because it’s the first character ever made in this, or any, game. I also enjoy the punching more than the stabbing if I’m going to DPS but mainly I heal. All that being said, the male Imperial Agent’s voice is among the sexiest I’ve ever heard so, yeah. I’m voting operative!

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