Not just NO…But F*$K NO!

Star Wars The Old Republic-10-13-2015 4-46-52Warning: Foul language abounds in this post. I speak from the Soldier’s point of view. Anyone who knows soldiers know we can be creative with cursing…you have been warned.

Uh oh… I lost it. OK, so I’ve been leveling my Trooper Vanguard Logan’Varo and just finished CH3. I get called to the Senate and praises of Glory and Awesomeness are slung my way. Of course I made sure my Team was mentioned before me. Hell I could have never made it through without them…even that asshole Vik (Hey he does blow shit up real good ok?).


Star Wars The Old Republic-10-13-2015 17-49-45In typical politician form the Chancellor decides she wants to trade the one Imperial Officer that has made life a living hell for the Republican Army and butchered countless lives. In return, we repatriate a few thousand prisoners. Well shit lady…what about the countless thousands of Soldiers that had to die in the process of taking this guy out?!?!? Can’t do anything for the dead? Were there lives meaningless in order to obtain a politically expedient end? Not just no but FUCK NO! Take your damned ribbons and shove them where the sun don’t shine!

The worst part though, in defense of the fallen, I got 100 Darkside points! Holy shit! I’ll be damned if soldiers died in vain for these bastards. I always hated politicians. Now I had a reason. For the record, my wife thought my computer blew up because I was a frothing maniac for a few minutes. I guess after seeing first hand in the real world how Soldiers tend to be used as pawns for political gain, this one touched a nerve. Still, even with 100 dark points that were unjustly given I won’t ever regret the decision I made in this case.

Star Wars The Old Republic-10-13-2015 5-25-17

Now, I have to admit, I’ve been overly critical of the Trooper story line. It felt too card board like and not very realistic. After a grand total of 5 deployments across the world in real life I kinda know a few things. However, the story does become a little more engaging by the time you hit Belsavus. Corellia actually I felt like they did a decent job on in depiction and execution. Well, accept your character really sucks at giving speeches. One speech for morale boost had the character saying “we will succeed” 3 times in less than 20 seconds. Ya, they need to send the scripters to speech school. Still, I felt engaged on Corellia and the fights felt more tactical in nature as well as the story elements. I still think the first 2 chapters were kinda weak sauce, but by CH 3 things come into full pace.

Anyways, I have a lot more to write about in the coming days as we get ready for KOtFE’s release, but I’ll get to that after a bit. Hat’s off to you BioWare for getting me so engaged I actually got pissed off…in a good way. Alright folks, till next time, may your hyperdrives stay fired up and your credits roll fast!

10 responses to “Not just NO…But F*$K NO!

  1. Neither option felt particularly good to me, but the other one made a lot more sense than the crap Saresh pulls for the LS ending. Reading this again and remembering my first trooper’s outrage makes me feel much better about my second trooper’s darker playthrough.

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    • Agreed here. I just don’t think it’s a dark path to make sure the dead are honored and a war criminal that must face justice. It was so outrageous that I was literally frothing at the mouth screaming obscenities lol. My wife was like WTF DUDE??!?!??! I have to say the ending was worth coming to simply because it touched a nerve, well done for the choices!


  2. I didn’t like that ending much either… but I did think it felt oddly appropriate for a soldier to have a politician give you crap after everything you did. 😛

    In fairness though, I don’t think it’s right to say that approving of the prisoner exchange would mean people died for nothing – after all, many people’s lives will be saved. Letting Rakton go is likely to cause other issues in the future, but the extent of this is kind of uncertain. I think that’s why it’s the dark side choice, because you’d forfeit a guaranteed good thing for many people in favour or something that’s close to your heart but doesn’t actually have that many certain, practical benefits.

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    • Thanks for the comment Shintar, it’s good to hear from you!

      Fair point, I would counter though that if Rakton returned, the few thousand that were set free would be a paltry sum compared to the further slaughter he would continue to do if set free. In my mind, that is a slap in the face of those that perished within the story line. Nothing irritates Soldiers more than seeing that all there efforts to capture someone ALIVE no less get set free to go right back and kill again. As to the extent being uncertain…think on this, Rakton is the tool of the Sith. Believe me, the Sith can and would use his talents to slaughter and subjugate again. I know playing a Sith it is exactly what I would do tactically.

      In final analysis as someone who has actually experienced losses during war in the real world, nothing pisses you off more than to see an enemy get set free only to kill again later. This particular scenario touched on that real life nerve. Now understand that losses are expected, it is in fact a part of the profession, but losses that only allow an enemy free again to go on and do what he or she was doing before is purely infuriating.

      Again, while a maddening end, it was still worth it and the ending was well crafted for choice. Thanks for dropping by!!! 🙂


      • I love your soldier rants too btw and can totally get that it can be annoying if something is misrepresented (though in this case the story managed to hit home for you in the end).

        Personally I don’t get too hung up on whether something is light or dark side because it’s quite obviously not the same as good and evil (see the whole romantic relationships being dark side thing), and I can’t blame the developers for not being 100% consistent in cases where the choice could be debatable. 🙂

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        • Aww thanks! Seems like these rants are becoming something of a hit lol. Hmm, may have to keep this Trooper thing going! You do have a good point on not getting hung up on whether LS or DS points are accumulated via choices. Just choose what the character would choose. In this case yup I took the stand lol.


  3. Whaha, your soldier-rants are hilarious! I personally did like Chapter 1, if only for that epic surprise at the end of Ord Mantell. I really hadn’t seen that coming! Not very realistic perhaps, but as someone without army experience I don’t mind stuff too much. I did get very annoyed when I found out gathering naturally formed crystals counts for “archaeology”, though, so we all have our professional glasses on when playing. ^^

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    • Rav, thanks so much for dropping by and following! =)

      So glad you love the Soldier rants! They are meant to be both humorous as well as thought provoking. I will admit the end of Ord Mantell was a twist in the story. It’s just that from there, tracking down the previous members seemed more like a spy/agent job. Troopers should have been trying to track down the super weapon and or other Weapons of mass destruction. The Search and rescue mission on Belsavus seemed legitimate. Certainly everything that happened from destroying the ship with your team members to the final outcome on Corellia made perfect sense. The Senate Hearings seemed a bit contrived. Only because Senate hearings would involve much higher echelon members within the ranks, not a lowly Lieutenant or Major.

      Also for the record, I was annoyed that farming crystals counted as archeology too! The relics and artifacts make sense…cryatals though?!?!


  4. I wrote about this before, but sometimes it’s a choice that would definitely NOT be DS in the real world.

    In one part, on Corellia, your choice is try to disable the empire’s evil weapon without harming the artifacts in the museum (a more difficult task that may result in things going wrong) or nuking the crap out of the museum. The LS choice is to disable the machine and save the relics, the DS choice is nuke it all, problem solved. But really, the DS choice errs much more on the side of saving lives. The LS choice has a significantly higher chance of failure and death. This blew my mind.

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    • Njessi, welcome to the site and thanks for dropping by 🙂
      I think it’s fair to point out I’ve never been one to actually TRY to get LS or DS points in one fashion or the other. It just shocked me by what they considered as a light or dark action. So totally agree with you there. The Trooper Story on Corellia was still by far the best within the Trooper line. Glad to see ya!


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