It’s been a very long time since I last wrote. It isn’t that I stopped playing. I actually too breaks and then kept coming back. A lot in the real world affected my writing. Sometimes it was a matter of not coming up with anything fresh that hadn’t already been covered by many of the other blogs I follow. Also, the last 15 months have been extremely tumultuous in the real world when coming to terms of work life vs game life.

I am writing this mostly to say, I still love the game and enjoy playing. My transition in the work place to retirement only to end up doing the same thing on a contract basis has really disrupted a consistent level of writing as well as game play.

I can tell you that I will be out of the loop for almost a year starting July. It has nothing to do with not wanting to play or to write. But for me to succeed on the Real World, I am having to take a job overseas for a year. I may be able to write, but in no way will I be able to do so in a game related way. For those who have followed me, understand that my absences have not been out of lack of interest, but out of prioritizing life in general.

This isn’t a bad thing. Point in fact, it has been a start of some very successful finishing of goals. I have retired with honor out of my military life. I have obtained a very nice property (though it has it’s quirks and I am having to invest in some repairs). Above all, after a very, very, long road, I have found some level of peace in my crazy little brain hahahah. I hope not everyone drops me from following. There may be some more writing before I pick up the next job. Perhaps if I can obtain the connection I need, I can write about dreams, fan fiction etc from the remote side.

For those who have held on as friends and followers, my deepest thanks. I hope we all have plenty of fun or at least entertaining conversations in the near future.

Always your steadfast friend,


aka Damios, Voren, and so many other names lol