An Easier Pace, Casual fun for a Casual Player

Well, the past few days I rerolled a Smuggler (scrapper). I found leveling and enjoying the story content fun again. I know, need to get to 70 to see new content/raid/pvp yak yak yak. One of the things that started to bore me during the rush of KOTFE/KOTET etc. was the uber fast pace of leveling. I still have my free lv 65 and 70 slots. I really didn’t have much time investment or credit investment into anything I raised. Hiring and firing (read delete reroll) became second nature for me. Oh I still enjoy my perks from Legacy on Ebon Hawk, but it’s actually been fun taking the slow route and coming back to informed conversation choices again.

The game as it stands is still very enjoyable to me, but during the almost instant leveling phase, I kinda forgot what it was like to be careful and to explore more. While most days I am in solo mode, the game as a whole allows me to play at a pace that I can deal with. I don’t know if or when I will get back into raiding again, though end game pvp is still a favorite of mine. There is still a grind for gear, but at least I don’t feel like I have to raid to obtain decent gear. I still have a long ways to go, my current project is still only level 48, but interestingly enough, it doesn’t matter as much too me. I run a few solo heroics to maintain reasonable gear and I’m not toon hopping nearly as much as I used to.

The down side is I have about seven characters that are just gathering dust. They are all sitting at level 70 without any real purpose. I suppose I could make them crafting and gathering cash cows, but at the moment it’s not very necessary. I may erase the majority of them, probably much to the chagrin of certain guild leaders, but we will see where that goes.

That sort of brings up a different thought. The primary guild and sister guild I belong to hasn’t been active of late. A couple here and a couple there, but that’s about it. Oh, guilds come and go, but when I joined them a couple years ago I really thought they would go the distance. It’s not disbanded of course, but after logging on at various points of the day and on different days, the activity just hasn’t been holding. I know what part of it is. Their recruitment standards are extremely high. It takes a lot to get into the guild as they always wanted serious commitment. The problem arose to me was the lack of new recruits compared to the losses. To few people were in a position to recruit and lets face it, players do move on to different games or they grow up and have to do real world stuff. Personally, I probably will never grow up lol. I do hope they stick around, but I wish they would ease up on the restrictions.

For now, it’s been a nice easy pace and the game has become sort of new in a way. Hope to see you all out there in the big galaxy we play in. See you all soon!


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