PvP in the Mid Level Brackets and why Bolster is BS

Star Wars The Old Republic-09-09-2015 21-52-24The last couple of nights I’ve been struggling in the PvP War zones on my server (Ebon Hawk). I did alot of research on Dulfy.net in order to maximize my rotations.My gear is equivalent to my level (46 now) and I use stims during combat. Still, I wasn’t making any serious gains in the warzones on the individual damage basis. Most of my opponents were 55+ in level and gear. But I heard the scream of “BUT YOU HAVE BOLSTER”!!!

Bolster is supposed to upgrade all of your stats, hit points and equivalent existing skills to Lv 60. Makes sense to level the playing field. Yet, there are at least a few critical skills that my level is missing that would enhance my rotation and damage ability that I have not learned yet. Also, if you look at the difference between say LV 47-49 gear vs Lv 55 gear, there is a huge discrepancy in stats that enhance your existing baseline. With all of this, I have to argue that mid lv bracket pvp is a tiresome grind unless you. So it was suggested, go back and level to the high end and then compete. Ya ok, but I’m trying to grind out as many commendations as possible prior to the next expansion to be ready for end game pvp.

In the end, I really wish that there was a bracket break at lv 49 through 59 to even things out. So why isn’t there? Well, honestly the pvp population in SWTOR is somewhat lack luster in numbers. Due to perceived imbalances in pvp classes a lot of PvPers left the game. Ebon Hawk has a fairly active amount of War Zone fighters, but most are at lv 60, so the mid lv brackets are less populated. I checked things out on Jung Ma and the other PvP server and they are almost completey devoid of players. The hard core pvpers I knew from last year moved to Ebon Hawk. Why? Well open world pvp is just not happening. So that leaves War Zones. My opinion is that the PvPers went to Ebon Hawk first and foremost to have more WZ’s pop and fight more often. Of course it helps that they are steam rolling casual players but hey that’s the name of the game when you set foot into the battle grounds.

I will admit I need to get some augments to enhance my expertise rating, but it’s hard to keep up with those while leveling up my toon and certainly not cost effective credit wise in my opinion. It also doesn’t help that casual players don’t know how to target and focus fire on high priority targets (you know, healer, then dps, then tanks with slight tweaks pending upon class). Also they often fail to understand that once a CC is executed, avoid dps that would break said CC. This of course would be a huge help in being able to quickly dispatch other priority targets. So, the grind continues.

At any rate these are solely my opinions and experiences. Any thoughts?

Boneheaded Move

Ever have one of those gaming sessions where ABSOLUTELY nothing was working out for you? You fat finger hot keys, the Star Wars The Old Republic-05-28-2015 6-26-14mouse optic gets a cat hair in it…you zig when you should have zagged. Ya last night was one of those nights. I was so proud to show off my latest upgrade augments to my Raid Leader so he could see yup I been taking his advice seriously and was indeed paying attention to end game stats and rotation. I had been looking forward to raiding because we hadn’t done it in a couple of weeks due to vacations etc. It’s summer time so totally understandable.

I made sure I was early, had my stims at the ready, cleared my cargo space, and was ahead of schedule on getting into the raid site. Yup folks I was damned proud to show my team ethic and hard work. And then it happened. first to die on 2 wipes by being either too far away from our main healer’s AoE heals. Ran right into a massive burst attack. Played to DoT Paint dance too far out to stay alive. For the love of god! It’s bad enough that the Ziost Raid Boss is just not a Sniper’s forte. But geez I could do no right! I felt like a fumbling child N00B all over again. My Raid Lead and fellow raiders were plenty supportive. They were cool with it and we did finally get that boss down.

The one of our members DC’d due to weather. We were told to wait till she got back to open loot. Sounds fair and no big deal. I was trying to blow cat hair out of the mouse and BAM! My old man arthritic fingers fat fingered the auto loot key that I was sworn not to touch. Needless to say I felt like a complete ASS. Out of my remorse, I passed on all the loot pieces. Again, the Leadership wasn’t too mad, and they knew there was a potential for  it to go down that way. I just for the life of me couldn’t get anything right.

So dear readers, you ever have a day when nothing went right for you? Or did I give you the biggest chuckle for the day? Either way, thanks for dropping by and here is to me hoping Wed and next Sunday aren’t quite so traumatic. Take care all, and if you ever do have one of those REALLY bad video game sessions, remember your not alone! Till next time, see ya on the Hyperlanes, fast and easy!