Day 5-6 Fistfull of Credits…BHW, Voss: Kisses, Carbonite, and Kingpins..

Well the weekend was pretty busy after I had recovered from my traumatic encounters with caffeine, nicotine, and whiskey…

So I’ll tell you a story of the damnable trouble one poor smuggler turned bounty hunter has gotten into;

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-25-2015 3-05-39

A mutated assassination beast…dead.

It all started with a meeting. Senator Dodonna was pretty shook up after the mutant attack on her. Of course I had to console her. I mean powerful as she was, she still could fear for her life. Rightfully so too, those mutant beasts could have torn both of us limb from limb. This is why I always say two blasters are infinitely better than one. I also always say there is no such thing as fighting fair. Extra numbers, extra thermite grenades, a couple of pistol whips and a dagger or three are your best friends.

Anyways, this led me to escorting her back to her private apartments.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-25-2015 3-07-42

Always ready to console those under duress.

I woke up the next morning in the lap of luxury. Satin sheets, scented air, pools and food and drink to excess. Needless to say, the powerful do enjoy their perks. As to Dodonna, just incredible. I always thought she was attractive, but waking up to her in nothing more than a silk robe, well it’s a memory I’ll not soon forget. She offered me a drink and sat on the bed. I thought maybe we were going to enjoy a fun-filled morning, but that was not to be. After a long discussion she made it clear that while this interlude was exhilarating for her, neither of us would fit in each others world. The wealthy Senator certainly wasn’t going to give up her standing or the perks that came with it running the hyper lanes with a privateer. She also knew I would never stand to be a tamed trophy boy. Nope, it was better to have a happy memory and a fond goodbye kiss. WOW! Usually I’m the one to leave them pining. I mean either that or getting slapped in the face with a string of expletives that would make a Gundark blush.  Well, she had the run of this one. I couldn’t blame her. She was right, we don’t “fit”. But dammit I would have hoped at least for a few more crazy nights in her private quarters. Instead, I got the cheek caress, kiss farewell, and a slap on the ass. Watching her walk away in those shear robes left me without words.

But I’m not one to dwell too long on this. I used her, she used me and I doubt either one of us cared. It was off to the hyper lanes again. I won’t go into too many details but Dodonna had me looking for some new tech on Belsalvius as well as track down a Crime Lord named Ivory. After some serious problems on a prison planet gone riot, I finally tracked Ivory down. Turns out we had something in common. A hatred for Rogun. In the end, I made the old crime lord my employee. So lets see, a smuggling crew, a pirate raiding fleet and now serious contacts in the underworld. Yup, my plans for the future just got closer. The downside to all of this? Well, Dodonna wasn’t pleased that I didn’t get the tech she was looking for. She also wanted Ivory alive…not “dead”. Ok, lovers sometimes keep secrets from each other. But the thing is, I needed Ivory for my own operations and he was far more valuable to me alive than dead. Star Wars The Old Republic-04-25-2015 3-31-05

With all of that, we at least got word of who sold the mutant beasts to take out the Senator. Hey, I promised I’d deal with them ok? Besides, it was one step closer to killing Rogun. whoever sold those mutants over had closer contact to Rogun and I wanted him dead. Lucky me, the BBA also had two contracts out on some Exchange goons operating out of Voss. Apparently the Voss don’t take kindly to the Exchange raiding their sacred sites. I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t just go kill these goons themselves, but who am I to argue? They weren’t amused when I brought the first one back dead. But a deal is a deal and I will get my credits. Especially when my neck is on the line. I let them know, Carbonite freezes were a tricky business and I charged Extra for that sort of thing. Needless to say, with a little effort, the second one went down too.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-26-2015 16-31-00

So a couple more contracts done.Thid gained me enough notoriety to gain my first Kingpin hit. Back to Coruscant I went. My reputation was starting to be known. Sure, I was the Newcomer, but a few heads were turning about in my direction for such fast turnarounds. The contract brokers gave me a big one this time. I didn’t think anything of it. Just another hit. Boy was I wrong. Damned near died for it too. This wasn’t just another hit. The target was savvy and deadly. Our initial encounter was nothing more than us walking into an ambush. Even Akaavi was surprised. We were beaten back so bad, we had been blown straight off the landing pad in the Justicar Sector. Nothing but a five-minute drop into splatterville for us. Akaavi saved our skins though. She had a power grapple and a locking glove that kept us alive. Nearly broke both our spines in the process, but we didn’t die. So swinging from a sensor conduit on a single cable is no way in my book entertainment. I punched out my emergency beacon locator and called in a favor from The Coruscant Coalition. Needed their extraction fast, and some extra muscle to take this bastard down. They sent me Handit, for a fee of course. But well-earned. Even if I only broke even, I couldn’t come home like a whipped akk pup. So Handit extracted us, sent Akaavi to the kolto tanks and got me readied for another run. This time, we were ready for his style. I gotta say, having Handit there laying down a wall of cannon fire is something to behold. Between the two of us, and a medic, we took the Kingpin down. Not easy and left more than a few bodies in the wake but the job was finished. Taking back his head was a pleasure. The look on the Brokers even more of a reward. They thought I was going to be a corpse for this run. Guess next time they’ll think again…Star Wars The Old Republic-04-26-2015 15-39-29

Ok, so I had a lot of fun this weekend.  The freeze dried stiff in carbonite was fun because his  minions did some enormous knockbacks that left me spinning. I was not at all prepared for what a kingpin meant as a contract…silly me. I wanted to thank the help from my Guild: The Coruscant Coalition for their back up on taking down my first Kingpin Contract. Way cool of them! While it wasn’t necessary in reality, I did donate 20k in credits to the guild bank for the assistance. Hats off to “Handit” aka Handitover for his timely intervention. Without him this would have ended very badly over and over. I’m still leveling on Voss, almost lv 46 now. The guild would never force me into power leveling or anything, but they are looking forward to seeing at least one of my alts make it into the beginning ops by this upcoming weekend. So, Damios is my sole focus now as the BHW comes to a close. It was a lot of fun and now back to serious leveling. Hope you all enjoyed the story and please drop some feedback when you can. Till next time, may your account be full of credits and your hyper drives never burned to a crisp…

Day 3: A Fist Full of Credits…BHW Tatooine

So who would have figured a friggin’ Jawa would put out a bounty…on a MANDOLORIAN no less?!?!


Star Wars The Old Republic-04-23-2015 17-01-59

Well, the job is the job. I had to laugh though, it takes a lot of guts to put the contract out on the premier bounty hunters of the galaxy. Not too many people would even put that sort of credit out…fewer still would take on the job. Guess I’m a bit crazy, but it sounded legit at the time.



Star Wars The Old Republic-04-23-2015 17-04-46

Still,what is it with worlds that are either broiling hot because of the damned twin suns or a frozen ice ball like Hoth? Seriously! I already was heading out to the Outer Rim because of some business to take care of on the Ice bucket they called Hoth. Go figure Senator Dodonna would pay me premium credits to go hunt down pirates who lived in a frozen wasteland. The things I do for pretty women..sigh. What? The Senator is kinda cute…and what self-respecting rogue wouldn’t at least offer a hand…especially when credits are involved? Stop looking at me funny dammit!



Star Wars The Old Republic-04-23-2015 17-09-07Ok, well since I was heading out to Hoth, the quick detour to Tatooine wasn’t too far off my sensor range. I’m just not sure which planet I hate more. Anyways, trying to sort out the gibberish that the little fella was spitting out faster than blaster bolts made my head hurt. Good thing my contacts were all in the local dive, I really needed a drink after that “conversation”. Didn’t take long to figure out who was who here, not too many people even dare live on this dust ball and everyone sort of knows everyone in one way or another.

What annoyed me though is tracking down this Mandolorian. I had to travel some distance to find out where he was. Come to find out, he was waiting for me. Arrogant bastard had been keeping tips on me the whole way. Very unfair if you ask me. Never the less, he was waiting on a canyon over pass. Just out of blaster range of course. It meant I had to get up there to him. This really annoyed me having to climb up there in the heat.


At the end, he paid for it and I got the Jawa some sort of hero status in his little clan for the trouble. Me? I got my credits worth out of it. Then it was off to the Ice Ball.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-23-2015 17-20-47Honestly, I just thought it was funny as hell that a little Jawa would have the guts to put a hit out on a Mando…that takes moxy! For me, it increased my rep with the BH faction and fattened my account which badly needed it. Not that I’m poor but my crafted gear just hasn’t been selling as well on Ebon Hawk lately. I undercut my competition but the problem seem to be that even with my blue crafted gear, there just doesn’t seem to be much of a demand. Even my rare purple materials havent been selling that well. So while I’m sitting on about 700k total in credits, I need more if I’m going to have a chance at buying the things I want.



In the meantime, I continue to level Damios as my main toon. I’ve gotten him into a pretty solid rotation and as a Gunslinger he seems to work best with Akaavi during questing. I used to love Bowdaar, but really that big fur ball works better with the Scoundrel class than the Gunslinger. Now this may all be up to personal play style so make your own decisions there. I do love the Gunslinger’s standoff range especially when in instances. If the tank is doing thier job correctly, I never ever see damage on me or debuffs. They never see me coming ha hah ha. The x2 xp is done with so I have to go back to grabbin g every available quest out there until x12 xp comes around on the 4th. Needless to say, tonight I am going to settle in with some whiskey (Tullamore DEW being my mid shelf favorite), caffeine (black coffee) and nicotine to try to get through Hoth and then onward.

I am missing my work with my trooper tank Jhexi and my Shadow tank Khyrii but they will continue to farm out mats untill I have Damios at 60. Unless of course I create other alts to infuriate my Guild Leaders lol.

DAY 2: A Fist Full of Credits…Bounty Hunter Week

(CAVEAT: For those reading early, I usually post my screen shots in the evening when I get home)

With Coruscant finished, it was time I set my sights on a new target. Well, wouldn’t ya know, my old stomping grounds on Nar Shaddaa came up on the list. Now, I love Nar Shaddaa. Sex, Gambling, drugs, unrepentant violence, yup I’m at home there. Anyways, this trip took me all over the place, but the favorite part was hitting up Club Vertica. That gorgeous giant casino that no one ever goes to unless there is an event. Now, club Vertica is really a pretty huge area to cover as far as casinos go and you have to take a hover taxi to get there. But once there, it’s a pretty incredible place. Too bad it doesn’t get used nearly enough. What surprised me is so few people from the RP community bother with it. I mean I know plenty go to the Slippery slopes, but in my mind, that’s a pretty bland cantina. Now, on the Jung Ma server, Slippery Slopes gets a lot of action because it’s neutral ground, so both Imperial and Republic can rub shoulders…your cut each other to pieces in duels. Pretty cool mechanism if you ask me. I wish Vertica was the same way.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-22-2015 16-29-59

Anyways, Nar Shaddaa made perfect sense to go hunt down a bounty. Now in this case, it ended up being a rivalry between casino operators. One had more money to take out the other “less civil” owner. Who am I to pass up on a deal like that? I’m telling you now, EVERYONE on Nar Shaddaa is dirty in one way or another, so it didn’t bother me that this was more an assassination than justice. So the hunt began, and let me tell ya, all those shady bastards at Club Vertica just had no intention of talking. Very closed mouthed lot. They ended up dead for thier troubles. No skin off my back, I was perfectly willing to share drinks and polite conversation.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-22-2015 16-43-50

But I found out the target got a little jumpy and was hiding out down in the Red Light District. No surprise there. It’s a good place to disappear when you need to. Still, you can hide all you want, but unless you system hop a lot, some one will give you up. Now, this target wasn’t an easy kill. Matter of fact, he and his cronies were pretty hard to handle.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-22-2015 16-54-43

Lost an eye out of that mess from a knife gouge. Sure, Kolto tanks healed the damage, but not the sight. Thankfully, the underworld can be your best friend for a price. And though my profits were cut a bit, I got a cybernetic patch to cover the worst of the damage. Regular sight is still gone in that eye, but that’s ok. See, now I can use it for low light and infra-red requirements. Not to mention it does have a decent targeting system. Can’t say I’m as pretty as I was, but my indelible charm wipes away those nasty little scars.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-23-2015 16-15-33

Ok, so bottom line when I was turning in my bounty contract at the Bazaar on Fleet, I ran across a vendor that gave me a modable head-piece that looks like a cybernetic eye patch. I couldn’t resist! I think it was faction gear with the contraband stuff, not sure but it was way cool for an added touch that I don’t see most people do. Now I did switch my scars from the right side to the left, which cost me about 40 Cartel Coins, but I liked the result and it gave flavor to my character for immersion. So, what sort of things do you do to add that individuality to your toons? You don’t have to be an RPer, but what makes your character come alive for you and make you keep wanting to return to it?

DAY 1: For a Fist Full of Credits…BOUNTY HUNTER WEEK!


It’s that time of the month again, time to hunt down wanted people Dead or Alive! Well, dead really, lot’s of dead. Which suits me fine, credits are credits and really, I never shy from that. Besides, some of these folks are evil in a relatively speaking way. Anyways, for monthly events I love Bounty hunter week. It’s my favorite way to go revisit old turf and hunt down a fairly challenging foe. The rep grind for this is a little daunting but still, it’s a side activity to have fun with. I’ll post some screens later on tonight when I get home.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-21-2015 19-14-55

In the meantime,

Damios had no intention of going into the Bounty hunting business but he couldnt argue the credits. Besides, his latest crew member Akaavi had all the bounty hunting contacts. So, off to old Coruscant he went when a new contract had posted and his ship repairs were complete. It took a bit of time tracking down his quarry, not to mention more than a few drinks a couple of rough and tumble persuasion techniques. Finally a lead broke through, and of all places a person could hide, the dirty rotten murderer chose Old Jedi Ruins.

Getting into the ruins took a bit of blaster finesse as Imperials were crawling all over it. But once inside, the pair had plenty of maneuver room. For anyone with a gun, high ground is always your friend. Damios and Akaavi were no exception to this rule. The pair made their way up along some ancient broken columns to the high edges of the great Temple ruins. While up there and scanning around, a red gleam caught Damios’ eye. Seeing as how the target hadn’t shown, he couldn’t resist the urge to investigate. Low and behold, a very odd glowing cube like structure came into view. Red in color and with intricate designs carved in, Damios figured in the right hands, it had to be worth a ton of credits! Might as well alleviate this old artifact and find a buyer right?

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-21-2015 19-21-08

About that time, Akaavi spotted their quarry. Which to choose first? Damios wanted to make a choice, but about time he laid his hands on the artifact, Akaavi exploded into action, leaping down onto the target with cold blooded rage. DAMMIT he thought, she could have waited for just a few more seconds. Still he stuffed the artifact into his satchel and began laying down cover fire as Akaavi engaged the opponent. It took a few minutes, but before long, his first quarry lay at the team’s feet, nothing more than a smoking corpse.

Though it was a bit hair raising, the payment was well worth the trouble. Ya he would definitely be taking on more contracts soon.

Ok friends, I gotta say I always get a kick out of Bountyhunter Week. coupled with the last day or so of x2 xp and it makes for an over all entertaining experience. The targets so far are pretty challenging, though that could be due to level or something, I dunno.  Still, it is a fun diversion.

What are your thoughts on the monthly event? Likes, dislikes and reasons for both are most welcome!