Day 4 Fist Full of Credits…BHW Alderaan

I had a really long post written up and well the whole post disappeared. I almost screamed and then remembered I’m still a bit hung over from last night’s festivities.

Star Wars The Old Republic-04-24-2015 17-32-34

My contact succumbed to my obvious charm

I took down a target on Alderaan and in the process found yet another nearby located Holocron. Took me a hot minute to figure out how to get up the rocks and it finally required me to find a local thranta to fly up the the nest where it was hiding. Got me my new holocron and then hunted down my target.



Star Wars The Old Republic-04-24-2015 18-16-29

Took a bit, but I got that Holocron!

I have to say I was pretty rip roaring drunk last night. The Irish Whiskey got the best of me and I spent all day recovering from my near legendary escapades. I do hope this weekend brings everyone a bit of fun and joy out there. Till next time, I’ll see ya on the high ground. (Stumbles back into a corner still nursing the hangover and quieting the evil light sabers clashing in his skull)….


NOOB Blogging question….

I’ve never worked with WordPress before, although I must say it is far more robust than blogspot ever was. As I’ve wandered around the net, checkout other SWTOR bloggers I notice many have some awesome themes and such. I know it’s not a huge thing, but really in a way It’s part of crafting the personality of a given Blog.

That being said, I’m not as savvy on techniques for setting customized themes out there. So dear fellow bloggers, any hints on how to set backgrounds and personalize the themes? I really want to add things like screenshots and customized fonts in the title line. Any and all advice is much appreciated. Thank you all!

Day 1 – The Beginning

It’s always nerve-racking when you write your first blog post. I really don’t have any game breaking news or opinions yet, so I thought I’d grab some coffee and give ya a little back ground on me and the intent of this blog which is dedicated to my thoughts on SWTOR. In the past I have run a couple of blogs out there, The Rusty Blade for World of Warcraft, and then Hyborian Rage for Age of Conan. I enjoyed both games to a point, and then when the enjoyment had passed or I disagreed too strongly with the game direction I moved on. Why? Well, I believe in being a full subscriber for myself. So, I invested both time and money into every endeavor. I’ve always had the opinions that if you aren’t having fun, then change the game. Anyways, I blogged about my experiences in both of those games, both good and bad as a casual player. Over the years I’ve experienced at least a few MMO’s out there, so I know what I like and don’t like. It all started with EQ1 back in the early 2000’s. Then it was SWG: Pre NGE. Along the way, Never Winter Nights, WoW, Age of Conan, EQ2, EQ Landmark, Planetside 2, and most recently SWTOR. Each game had its charm and its failings. I’ve lead a guild, raided, PvP’d till blood streamed from my keyboard sore finger tips. All this led me to believe that while I like to strive for excellence, I don’t make it my life. Too many other things in the real world require my attention. But I love the interaction with other people; hence MMO’s have been my hobby for so long. So for almost 15 years, I’ve been out there in the MMO land.

In the real world, I’ve served in the military, had several deployments and soon will retire from that profession with the eventual goal of becoming a regularly published writer…and making money at it too! Currently married, my son and daughter are in college and I have 2 dogs and 4 cats…all rescues. If you thought raising kids was expensive … trust me animals are just about the same.

Hmm…so the blog. Well, I was hesitant on even blogging this round for a game that I enjoy. Thing is, I like to write. What you won’t find are stat busting number crunches, optimum class/stat builds, OPs strats, gaming strats, etc. There are plenty of those out there. I may discuss my builds or things I’ve seen work but in the most casual non hardcore way as possible. I will interject my opinions on good and bad about the game in the fairest way possible. Along the way, I’ll throw my hand at little stories for my toons. While I’m not a super active RPer, I do occasionally join into stories out there. Above all, I am immersive in game play. All of my toons have reasons for the choices they make and develop throughout gameplay.

The Blog Name? Oh, a play on words of the old Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns of the 60s. I grew up loving Clint Eastwood’s antiheroes and a lot of my toons bare the same traits. The original idea was to keep it just Bounty Hunters, but really I’d get bored with that pretty quick. So I took stock of all my current toon projects and realized that almost all of them had two traits in common; the love of money and the grim attitudes against the organized governments both light and dark side. I’ll show case these little devils down the road. For now, they were the catalyst for dreaming up stories and such.

Hey, thanks for dropping by and checking out the site. More will follow in coming days. For the time being, ENJOY THAT x2 XP through the 22nd! I know I will.