Fun Screenshots on Makeb

Just a couple of fun screenshots I took while adventuring on Makeb, one kinda silly, the other, a complete cool guy shot. What’s a cool guy shot? Well, in my time in the military (specifically in the Infantry in my younger years), it’s a time-honored tradition to take a photo of yourself being ultra cool and ready to take down an army single-handed during times of war. This has happened throughout history and will probably continue to do so into the far-flung future so long as there are Soldiers holding the ground. I have my own RL cool guy shots at home which occasionally I take out for the memories, though not nearly as much as I used to. Then there are the silly pictures, also a time-honored tradition in the military to do. Anyways, I’m getting ready for the weekend filled with Gunslinging fun and beer, and whiskey, and nicotine…. So, without further a due, here is my Cool Guy and my silly shots:


Barrels forward and you’re gonna die!

Yup, that’s Damios for ya, especially when he’s been crossed. In this case, look out Hutt-slugs, a blaze of bolts is coming your way.

And your smart ass remark was what again?

And your smart ass remark was what again?









So uhh, ever get the feeling you are being a little too tactical? You know, combat rolling ledge to ledge or cover to cover? With all of that, Risha, can you PLEASE take some cover and act like that Giant tin can just may blow us to bits? I dunno, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to take it at least a little seriously.

So uhh...are you going to stand there laughing at me or help out?

So uhh…are you going to stand there laughing at me or help out?