Goodbye Little Friend

On Friday I had the solemn duty to lay one of my furry children to rest. Unfortunately little Sundance passed away after being clipped by a car. It’s a hard thing to come home to. Sundance was a hunter by nature. He constantly left lizard gifts or bird gifts to show his appreciation of being loved. He was awesome at racing up the backyard trees and racing right back down. Above all Sundance was an affectionate member of our family. He and his brother Butch came to us New Years Eve of 2014 coming into 2015. The two were forever close to one another. They were often seen curled up napping together or playing around the house. He was smart in letting you know he had to go out and handle his cat business. I loved the little bastard. Now his spirit is gone elsewhere, maybe to places where he can roam and hunt and never worry about roads. His brother Butch lives on and has taken to spending his days mostly with our old Granny Grey Cat Peyton. The old girl seems to have taken little Butch in and they are often together. I’m glad the old girl looks out over him.

So, this weekend hasn’t been my best at being around in game. Losing any of my small furry children is always hard for what ever reason. Seeing them gone so early (less than 2 years old) is sad indeed. Here is to Sundance, one of my outlaw cats that I cherished as family. Till next time, see you guys on the high ground.