The Hero in His Own Mind

Who am I?
Well, that’s a bit complex in nature. on the basic level, I am now a 45 year old married man. I am about 2 years out from retiring from military service and have gone on several deployments which challenges even the best of relationship. Both my awesome kids are in college which makes me so proud. Two big dogs and four cats share our home which leads to a never boring life around the house. I am a huge fan of people who are involved with animal rescues. When it comes to politics I’ve been accused more than once of being an independent rabble rouser which suits me just fine. I believe all humans should be treated decently and with peaceful methods of conflict resolution…but when that fails lead pipes, iron crow bars and the occasional shotgun to put my point of view across is also just as effective. I love to write when I can, but it’s far more entertaining to digitally “live” the lives of my anti-heroes. I enjoy reading books on my kindle, mostly fantasy and sci-fi, though historical books both documented and fictional are enjoyable. When it comes to music, I like everything from Johnny Cash and Chris Ledoux, to Bob Dylan and The Rolling stones, to Metallica and Rob Zombie. Add in a dose of independent blues artists and folk artists and you get the picture…I think.

When it comes to MMO gaming, I’ve been doing it since around 2003. I am currently deeply involved/invested with SWTOR. this blog is primarily about my experiences with SWTOR, though occasionally other games may be referenced. I love the genre/theme and really enjoy what the current game as it stands offers.

4 responses to “The Hero in His Own Mind

    • Stardust, I know it’s been a long time. I had a lot of RL issues cut into any sort of gaming time. For my own reasons I took a break from SWTOR and ventured off into other avenues of gaming. Nothing that anyone did or did not do. I think I woke up one weekend and felt the game just wasn’t as fun. The stories were great, but they felt so short that once I was done, it was back to faction grinding which I just didn’t feel happy doing. I think SWTOR is still an outstanding game, but I felt the need to explore new horizons. This led to a stint in single player games, and then I got lonely again. A co-worker of mine reccomended I try Eldr Scrolls Online and see how I felt about it. So for the last couple of months that is where I have been punching into. Forgive me for not answering, but for some reason my blog account has been real wonky about any posting. I wanted to change the whole blog to fit my current foray into MMO gaming world but it’s been a pain in the ass to me. Thank you for being concerned though, I think among many you have been such a wonderful person. Perhaps if I can get into blogging again, you’ll drop by and take a look.


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